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Hickmann Eyewear is dedicated to young, fashion-conscious women who are eager to build an unique, personal style composed of clothing, accessories and ideas that can be mixed and matched without restraints, creating transversal, unprecedented fashion languages and codes.
Born in 2013 and inspired in the brasilian natural beauty and essence, Hickmann Eyewear collections are an essential style complement, characterized by flawless and sophisticated design, up-to-date shapes, original colors and avant-garde materials.

An absolute ‘must-have’ for real fashionistas.


Less is More or More is More?
Clean lines, simple shapes, neutral palette – this is what minimalism is characterised by.
The trick to nailing the new minimalism fashion trend is to focus on the details, like cut, shape, fabrication, and fit.

New oversized metal frame with spoilers accentuating the round design. The spoilers may have an acetate decor, providing a real fashionista look. HI1056


Tropical glitch combines elements of the vibrant tropics with digitised imagery, depicting saturated and contemporary glitched prints with a playful twist.

“Tropical Glitch” must-have. HI3067

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