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Go Eyewear Group

About Us

A leading company in the European optical market since 2009.

The GO Eyewear Group creates and develops spectacles for brands that are synonymous for design, technology, and quality throughout the world.

With its brands of Ana Hickmann, T-Charge, Hickmann, Bulget and Bulget Kids, it is today one of the leading players in the global optical segment, and is present in over 30 countries.

With Headquarters and Logistics in Portugal, GO Eyewear entrusted a team of professionals to create their own designs for each brand, and make use of the latest technologies.

We are committed to offering a quality product, developing market trends, and making every customer requirement our top priority.


Offer the end consumer a high quality, beautifully made and comfortable product. For our customers we give the ability to market a product easily saleable, and to develop the market demand trends, with excellent margins.


Social Responsibility
Business excellence


PT / BR / ES / IT / FR / UK / GE / RU / USA

Distribution within Europe
Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Scotland

International market
in more than 30 Countries

Brazil, Russia, US

GO Eyewear, S.A.

Rua Ribeira do Troca, LT 5A — Z.Industrial da Paiã 1679-012 Pontinha, Portugal
Tel. +351 21 934 60 40 | Fax. +351 21 934 60 49 / |

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