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Since it was launched in 2011 as GO Eyewear’s first housebrand, T-Charge Eyewear has been seeking for its niche market. Initially developed having in mind the modern sportif and technology oriented man, the brand positioned it self in the sportif segment, made essencially in titanium. 2017 is the year of Change. The time has come for a strategic repositioning to keep up not only with its competitors, but essentially to follow the market needs and trends. A new brand concept is born, and a new consumer profile is set, aimed at the modern and elegant men who follow trends and appreciate fashion products at an affordable price. Men for whom a frame or sunglass is a high end, high quality fashion accessory.

New Collection

With a history of class, refinement, and quality of material, the brand intends to revolutionize its future, and its products. A brand that stands out for its quality, but also for its daring style.
T-Charge Eyewear fulfills the desire to wear more than glasses, valuing freedom through actions and emotions.
It’s time to take a step further and create a collection for people who breathe fashion and feel comfortable using a product that is attractive and different.

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