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Delicacy, elegance and fashion forwardness define our collections.


Ana Hickmann Eyewear is the brazilian best-selling line of frames and sunglasses and has arrived in the market in 2002 with the concept of affordable luxury. Resulting from a partnership between GO Eyewear and the former top-model, businesswoman and TV host Ana Hickmann. Manufactured with carefully selected materials, this line is characterized by elegance, style and contemporary design.

Diamond Shaped Duo-Fashion temple, available also in sunglasses.

AH 9250 T01

The Fall/Winter 2017 campaign theme is “Memories”. Photographed at Sorocaba airport in S.Paulo, Brazil, this campaign celebrates Ana Hickmann’s 15th year partnership with GO Eyewear. The Duo-Fashion temple, collection DNA, brings for this season a brand new Diamond Shaped temple decoration reinforcing the use of geometric shapes as a fashion trend.

This collection presents the new Titanium temples. Strong, resistent and light, titanium is the perfect metal to use in the optical industry, as it is antiallergic and extremely delicate, soft and elegant.


Titanium temples. Light and Elegant.

AH 1327 04A


AH 3160
AH 3159
AH 6300
AH 6299
AH 6296
AH 6293
AH 6292
AH 6291
AH 6290
AH 6271
AH 6270
AH 1336
AH 1335
Ah 1334
AH 1333
Ah 1332
AH 1331
AH 1330
AH 1327
AH 1321
BGK 6002
BGK 4001
BGK 6004
AH 3155
AH 3154
AH 3151
AH 9226
AH 9223
AH 9222
AH 9221
AH 6272
AH 6269
AH 6267
AH 6253
AH 1323
AH 1322
AH 1320
AH 1318
BGK 4003U
AH 3150
AH 1315

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