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Fall | Winter 2022

The Honeycomb represents Union, group collaboration, harmony, balance, generosity and warmth, respecting the nature colours.
Ana Hickmann Eyewear brings for this winter a collection made of natural colours, from gold, honey colour to brown, blue and pink, with a design that balances between the classics and the extraordinary, where we can see from large trendy acetates with the Iconic DuoFashion to a capsule-collection created only with Titanium Components.

Ana Hickmann Eyewear introduces this season 48 new styles between sun and optical, each one with 4 to 5 different colours so there’s plenty to offer to everyone.


AH1469 & AH 1470

Metal model with a metallic thread adorning the front of the eyepiece in a cat-eye shape and more rectangular shape with a temple decorated with a delicate crystal, followed by the AH brand logo. The entire frame is colored with tone on tone. Available in 4 different colors.


Mini Collection Fall | Winter 2022

Ana Hickmann Eyewear brings out the Tropical theme on its Duofashion temple.
The iconic Ana Hickmann Eyewear temple presents the tropical theme on one side and a opaque colour on the other, with a brilliant combination with the frame colors.
There is also a dyscreet crystal in the hinge creating an exciting surprise. Marbled Brown or blue are just a hint of what Ana Hickmann Eyewear has prepared for us this winter to contrast with the usual dark colours of the season.

AH9354  |  AH6493

AH 6493


Temple inlay in different colours and patterns featuring on the hinge a discreet crystal that conveys this piece an exquisite look.
Each frame provides two different looks, on one side a pattern inlay and on the other a classic block colour to change the look.


Fall | Winter 2022

These styles, in metal and acetate, square and geometric shape, feature a totally innovative and elegant rotational hinge system adorned with a small crystal. With the particularity of presenting proposals for lenses with 3 different shades of horizontal gradients, which gives the piece a touch of extreme elegance.

View AH3267


Fall | Winter 2022

Ana Hickmann Eyewear launches the LOVE CELEBRATION Capsule-collection. With the hinge in a shape of an L, the brand intends to demonstrate and remember that we spend and spread love in every moment of our life. It presents 3 very romantic models, in metal and acetate, designed for dreamers, oversized, with the particularity of the lenses having a system of three levels of gradient that gives an even more dramatic look to the pieces.

AH 9349


Titanium Collection

Fall | Winter 2022

Ana Hickmann Eyewear presents a new Titanium Capsule Collection. This material is highly appreciated by consumers due to its qualities, like for instance: LIGHTNESS, Titanium is as strong as steel but 40% lighter.
RESISTANCE, Titanium is twice as resistant as aluminum and as a memory alloy, it will always return to its original form. BIOCOMPATIBILITY, Titanium is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, resistant to corrosion and non-reactive, making it the most biocompatible among the metals.