Fall Winter

2022 Collection



T-CHARGE EYEWEAR presents a collection for the con- temporary man, with good taste, attentive to fashion and the new trends, while always focusing on quality and comfort.
For this winter, T-CHARGE EYEWEAR has prepared the launch of 30 new models, sun and optical, highlighting the sporty and urban character of the collection with sophisticated colors and ecological details. Presenting both in sun and optical, styles made of wood. The brand continues on the same path as in the previous collection leaving only the tips in acetate to allow a better fit to the face.

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T6276 | T9141 | T9142


T-CHARGE EYEWEAR presents a full collection in optical and sun made of acetate. Extremely lightweight, it’s the perfect material, that won’t make you feel discomfort even if your eyeglasses have been sitting on your face the entire day. The nose pads are molded into the rest of the frame which provides much more comfort and eliminates friction, don’t have to worry about getting those red marks on your nose.The acetate-forming process is long and this is what gives the acetate its durability and flexibility, so also don’t break easily.


T6276 | T9141 | T9142



Following the trend of urban but also intemporal look, always elegant and charismatic T- Charge Eyewear presents a full collection with wood details on the temple. Keeping the balance between nature and the urban scene. Slim metal frames made of stainless steel, excellent corrosion resi- stance, present a colour pallet of browns, gold and black.

T1383 | T6276


TCHARGE EYEWEAR introduces new Clip Ons.
All with polarized lenses to shield your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun without compromi- sing your vision. It is less expensive to buy many different colours of clip-on frames than different pairs of sunglasses. Clip-ons are undoubtedly functional. This season they are equiped with metal gramps to safely attach to the frame. More than 9 option to choose from.


T1383 | 6276



T-CHARGE EYEWEAR launches a CAPSULE-COLLECTION BIO with 9 optical styles in acetate, designed and Made in Italy certified with the ISCC- International Sus- tainability and Carbon Certification stating that the ac- etate used has a bio-based composition of 76% which helps reduce the use of fossil-based carbon to a mini- mum.
ISCC certifies T-CHARGE EYEWEAR CAPSULE-COLLEC- TION BIO throughout the entire supply chain so custom- ers can feel confident they’re making a purchase that truly supports sustainable practices every step of the way. Bureau Veritas, a worldwide relevant company in biocompatibility risks evaluation, certifies that the ace- tate used in these frames is free of Phthalates, danger- ous chemical solvents often used in plastic products. Available from September.