Spring / Summer 2019
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A Lifetime Journey is the theme of the SS19 Bulget Occhiali Collection. The latest campaign is all about telling a story of traveling the world, live glorious moments and discover the unseen.

The key design references of the SS19 collection are the classic and retro styles reinvented with modern features and the introduction of the beta – titanium for the first time. Beta titanium, when compared with the stainless steel, offers a higher springback, lower yield strengh and great weldability along with corrosion resistance.
The SS19 collection offers traditional styles full of fashion appeal with an excellent value for money.


New metal round sunglasses. Light and fashionable this style is available in 3 classic colours.


Inspired by the 30’s cat eye styles, this cat-eye angular frame is a modern version of the classic style.
This beta titanium frame with acetate temple tips is available in 4 colours.