We are Urban Nomads

Living in the city has its positive side, however it also creates a great deal of stress, when it joins with professional life, which is more and more tense, with increasingly demanding jobs and more fierce competition, requires a higher increase on the number of hours we dedicate to work, and only at the end, do we realize how little time we dedicated to ourselves!

With more and more responsibilities there is an urgent need to just Breathe! Being an urban nomad has become easier than ever. With the
possibilities that technology nowadays offers, the improvement of internet speed around the world, the abundance of apps designed for almost anything you need, you get the time not just to breathe but also to fall in love.


Light weight model dedicated to those men that need to be prepared for every ocasion with a sporty but elegant look. Metal front with soft acetate temples.

Available in 3 different colours.


Glimmering contemporary colors and chic lines give urban style feminine attitude with a twist. Available in a wide selection of colors, including a marbled lilac and green, and the introduction of a crystal colour, as well as the classic black.
This super fashionable, yet easy to wear cat-eye shape features new polished acetate temples for a light look with flirtatious contemporary appeal.

BG9163 & BG6408

This new collection offers the same décor with the new metal hinge on both sun and optical styles. These styles show an unique feature on the hinge, sober and delicate, 3 bars printed on the metal hinge conveys a different and feminine look.

With a frontal in acetate and metal temples, finished with acetate terminals, same colour has the frontal. Perfect combination to fit a professional environment but also for leisure moments.


Slim metal piece, round with a flat line on top made specially for the free spirited. Light weight to take on your adventurous trips. After climbing a mountain the only weight you will feel will be of your backpack.
Specially made for the outdoor.

Available in 3 colours.


Classic aviator with a twist on temple are instantly recognised by its design: thin metal frame and double bridge, combined with a teardrop-shaped, oversized lens which covers the eyes. Always a good option for those who enjoy adventure and outdoors.

Available in 3 different colours.


Vintage inspired metal style reworking the profile of urban fashion, makes sporty-chic urban design as audacious as it gets. For men and women who wish to make a statement.

Available in 3 colours.


Meet the perfect pair of shades for you.
Comfortable yet stylish in acetate, this sunglass imposes a strong statement while keeping it casual. Dedicated to those that seek an effortless style fits perfectly the evolving reality of contemporary life.
Available in 4 colours.


This style has a certain allure that makes it even more noticeable and trend worthy. With sculpted tip of the eyebrow, this sunglass captures dramatic enlightenment and an extremely stylish depth of feeling.
Perfect to uplift and enhance your style and status quo.
Available in 3 colours.

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