“Mirror of the Soul”, Ana Hickmann’s new FW21 collection

“Mirror of the Soul”, Ana Hickmann’s new FW21 collection

Ana Hickmann’s new collection is 100% feminine and represents timeless refinement and elegance mixed with return-to-work trends and work leisure dressing.

The new collection has been created to empower women, with a wide offer of the iconic duo-fashion that allows having different looks thanks to a simple twist on the temple.

Rich in colours and textures, it gives the chance to create a more classic look or a more daring one depending on the occasion.

Besides the Duo- Fashion collection, Ana Hickmann’ new collection also presents the new luxury edition styles with new bold shapes and light metal frame which highlights the design of the eyewear, giving a beautiful and unique look to the wearer.

The frames are enriched with a golden metal wire, which runs along the entire frame giving the eyewear a unique look.

For Ana Hickmann a frame is not just a simple accessory, is a statement. It’s the first impact when entering a room and this collection reflects that.


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